Tuesday, July 28, 2009


We brought Jonathan to the Eu Yen Sang Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic today. Finally decided to do this after a long period of procrastination.

Went well. She checked Jonathan, asked alot of questions, took his pulse and then prescribed a 5-day course of herbal medicine ground into powder. After these 5 days we are to go back to her for review.

She said Jonathan looks pale. Upon checking pulse she said he's heartbeat is a little weak which is what caused his hands and feet to be chilly cold on certain times because the blood circulation is not so good. Sounds familiar in all the diagnosis I hear on television...haha.

But better to have this treated than leaving it alone. Jonathan's hands do turn purplish (as I mentioned from my previous journal post). Giving him vitamin C to boost his immunity also doesn't help because he gets unwell after consuming it.

Although TCM is quite costly, we hope that going this way will help Jonathan to build up his body and immune system. Will start the treatment tomorrow since it's already late afternoon. I always prefer to try new things during the day, preferably morning, (as advised by my sister) because if there's any side effects, we are able to observe clearly and go to the doctor's if necessary.


Wishful Thinking said...

Oh I do hope you find this helps your little man. Fingers crossed for you.
Hugs R

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

hope it helps :)
Have a blog award for you on my blog :)