Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Jonathan's eyes are itchy. First it was the left but this morning he started scratching the right. The rubbing has made his eye puffy and the surrounding skin wrinkly. He looks like he's got not enough sleep. Doctor has prescribed eye medication to keep off the infection, which thankfully, has not set in. This is just a prevention.

Harith didn't want him to go school so as not to aggravate the eye situation.

So today, since I had to give Jing Ying her gift of the pair of pillow cases I printed for her and also pass Lee Choo her tshirt, I also brought back his math workbook so that we can do something while we are at home.

For Jing Ying's printed pillow cases~
They will have the reveal party tomorrow at Jing Ying's home. I hope they have a great time and take loads of photos! Wish we could go but the journey to Jurong will be too far for Jonathan.

Made this gift box. I traced it out from a gift box I got but that gift box had happy birthday printed on it so unuseable. I used DCWV glitter cardstock to make this.

And this is the tshirt I designed and printed for Lee Choo. Hope her friend likes it.

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Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Oh your gift is perfect!!
Hope Jonathan's eyes clear soon.
Big hug from me to you :)