Friday, July 10, 2009


Frustrations ... I need to be wise in what I can or cannot do in the printing business.

I Cannot : do wonders to images that are low in pixel, when it is insisted that the image is totally ok when looked from the computer's point of view. Probably it's because I have lack of skills in the editing department, with software like photoshop and illustrator.

But then again it's my fault to say "yes" when I had an inkling that "this cannot be done". The image size was only 3cm wide.

Trying too hard to please the customer in the end, making myself frustrated not because I cannot do what the customer wishes but more that I cannot make the customer happy.

It's not about money. To me ... printing a nice tshirt for somebody is to make someone happy, that their design is imprinted on a tshirt they can wear.

I guess I need to have wisdom in this area. Saying "yes" only when I can do it and "no" when I think I cannot achieve the desired results that the customer wants.

There's no law to say that I have to accept every single work that comes my way. But then again ... I'm like that ... I like to help people as much as I can.

In this instance, I spent more than a week trying to source for the right thing, working on the image, googling for answers and techniques. So it also boils down to my lack of knowledge of editing software.

Finally I asked myself ... is this all worth the time? Sure ... I learned something in the end ... more techniques that I've never known ... but still I could not adjust the image what was given to me.

This is certainly a lesson that tells me ... be wise when you know you cannot do it. No need to feel afraid to tell people you cannot do it.

After all, my brother did tell me ... "enjoy what you are doing, don't be pressured."
He's right ... so help me God by reminding me about this all the time.

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