Friday, July 17, 2009


My family is ...
blessed with a big extended family, with mums and siblings giving us tremendous support;
blessed that H has a job even though his work contract was not renewed;
blessed that I could do what I enjoy and still get a little extra income for the family;
blessed that we have friends;
blessed that Jonathan is progressing well, despite that we do fall sick sometimes;
blessed to be blessed by Abba Father!

Today I was reminded of these blessings:
We were at Tampines Mall cos I needed to check on some baby tshirts. Near the side entrance of the Tampines Train station, there are usually buskers who perform there. The usual group is this malay visually handicap man singing with his guitar. Today, as we exit Tampines Mall, I heard a lady's voice and I was so taken in by her voice. Even Harith agreed that she sang so beautifully cos he's heard her before.

And yes...she was visually impaired. She sat on a small stool with a microphone in one hand and a tambourine in the other. There was a visually impaired man behind her playing a guitar even though it sounded like she was singing with a minus-one {accompaniment track}.

The 2nd song she sang was by Alicia Keys. I can't remember the title but her voice was so like Alicia Keys that I couldn't help but be attracted to it. Gave a couple of dollars and while doing it, I whispered to her: "You have a lovely voice."

For us, it's easy to find jobs with our capabilities. For her and her partner, their vision has been handicapped and it's hard to secure jobs and one of the best ways is to busk.

I hope she collected lots of money with her beautiful singing voice. I hope that my compliment was one of the many compliments she got today and for days she performs anywhere.

Then tonight on Channel U, there was an infotainment about celebrities doing charity/volunteer work. This Taiwanese infotainment host volunteered to go to China into the remote villages only accessible by foot deep into the dry mountains. Children there have never brushed their teeth before, washed their hands, basic hygiene necessities and never seen pictorial books. They were so happy to get gifts like hand-me-down shoes, clothes and stationery.

This reminded me of my friend Nicole Wong who travelled in China last year and the wool caps I crocheted for her to bring to China.

She's going there to work come September. I hope in the near future, I will be able to do this again, take out the yarns of wool my mum passed me and start crocheting for the underprivileged kids in China. This time, I will have Nicole there to receive them. And hopefully make this my yearly project if time permits and as long as she's there.

Thank you Abba Father for your blessings that we can share these blessings with many others.

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