Saturday, November 07, 2009


Today Harith was at home.  No classes.  He went jogging this morning and bought breakfast cos our prince didn't want to for a walk after going out for his neuro appointment at KK on Thursday.

Laundry was done while I was preparing the transfer material for pressing today.  And while Harith hung the clothes out to dry, I took the already dried ones and asked Jonathan if he could help me fold them.

Propped him up infront of me and I held his hands.  We took his napkins, and one by one, we folded them into quarters.  This is the result:

He had fun.  But after four towels, he called it quits.  Went back to watching the Wheel of Fortune.  Of course I had to redo these LOL!

So after Jonathan's lunch, I started pressing the tshirts for BMC Vacation Junior Bible Camp.  Took me 3 hours to finish them and I didn't realised that I actually completed the major lot today ...all 69 pcs!  I only have about 15 pcs more to go.  Yippee!  I can get started on my nephew's wedding cards (once I get the go ahead this weekend)...woo hoo!  I'm grateful that Jonathan was great that he entertained himself while I did my work.

Out of the heatpress ... all packed and tshirts still warm when this photo was taken.  There might be a few more extras trickling in.  But I'm just happy that these are done:

So because of my two great helpers today (and of course the GREATER ONE too!) ... alot was accomplished.  Thank you Jesus!

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Penelope Gan said...

ooorrrhhh... so sweet of Jon to help out. The napkin pile looks ok lei Serene - fussy fussy mommy!

Glad you completed the t-shirts. Would have been nice to see the finish product.

Hugs and Merry Xmas if I don't talk to you before I head for the Himalayas again (in winter!!!) :D