Saturday, November 07, 2009


It poured this morning ... heavy heavy rain.  I was all set to change Jonathan's neuro appointment today.  But Abba Father answered by stopping the rain at 1.30pm just when we were to leave.

We were the first.  This yearly appointment is just for the neurologist to check Jonathan and see if there's any other needs to be met.

Today was good.  I like Dr Janice Wong.  She's a CP specialist and gives me good advice and very patient whenever we have questions.

I told her my intention to try the NeuorSuit.  Her advice is to use the money I intend to spend on this for extra physical therapy.  She gave me specific reasons which i don't want her to be liable for what she says although it's free speech worldwide :)  But I'm thankful for her input and am glad I brought it up.

She's given Jonathan a referral for PT at KK once a month.  Just so he can get extra therapy besides what he's getting in school.  Not alot of extra therapy but at least we have somewhere to go besides private therapy that cost a lot nowadays.

Jonathan condition is considered having Athetoid in CP ... a new term I've never heard before.  She explained what it is and told me something that I WAS not so prepared to hear but it's ok.  It's just another word describing a type of cerebral palsy.

KK has changed quite a bit.  The new Children's Medical Centre @ 2 (which is 2nd storey) is new and waiting time is lessened.  Then again we were the first appointment so we only waited 5 minutes.

While we were out, it didn't rain.  When we reached home and walked into the void deck, it started pouring.

Thank you Jesus for protection.

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