Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today ... 12 year olds in Singapore receive their PLSE results.  If Jonathan were in the mainstream school .... he would be getting his results too.  I will be the anxious mother, waiting for him while he gets his results slip.  Then we will pray and ask God for wisdom as to which secondary school he will choose depending on his results.  We will go shopping for secondary school textbooks, uniforms and new school shoes.

If only ...

It's hard when I think about this because then it brings me back to the day he was born.

If only ...

But!  There is a consolation that this "if only" had turned into something positive last evening when I was invited to attend a dialogue session with a group of 33 professional educators and principal taking their Masters of Science (Early Childhood Education) from Wheelock College & SEED Institute.

My sister's colleague (long haired pretty lady in front of me and next to the only gentleman on the left side) who's one of the students asked if I could help the class understand early intervention for a child with special needs.  I was one of 3 parents the class invited, but the only one with a child who has cerebral palsy.

I was glad I could go because Harith was not working so Jonathan spent the evening with daddy.  I asked Jonathan if he wanted to join me, he said "NO" very quickly actually  :)

I started off explaining Jonathan's condition and why he had cerebral palsy and went into the intervention program that Jonathan received from Rainbow Centre.  There were questions (only a handful) but I guess what they needed to ask was already covered by me {I HOPE!}.  It was almost like a monologue cos I talked alot! LOL! But I'm glad Professor Karen Whitla from Wheelock College, Boston (extreme right in black blouse) was there to guide the flow of the whole session.

Before I went, I had some picture exchange communication cards (PEC) from Jonathan's file and I gave each teacher one strip to show how Jonathan used them to communicate.

These cards were done using Writing with Symbols software

I thoroughly enjoyed the one-hour time together.  I hope it brought a better understanding and broadened the knowledge of educators who have not been in contact with children with special needs.

And...before I went for the meeting, I had 15 minutes to spare and decided to drop by Paper Market @ Raffles City to buy these :

Valerie is going to flip when she sees what I bought cos she would offer them to me FOC!

and this:

Ok...I did mention that I wasn't going to make any Christmas cards this year because of my busy schedule.  But I just couldn't resist the urge!  Last year's cards in my earlier post HERE were 6X6 inches.  This year, I may make them in DL sizes.  May .... haha and might happen.  We'll see :)

I'm just so happy that I finally finished Nick & Stella's church wedding invitation cards.  My production line was simple.  All I needed to use were the cutter trimmer, Crop-a-Dile Chomper corner punch, Scallop punch, double-sided ribbons, double-sided tapes, 3D sponge dots and of course, my laser printer.

I can only show the actual card when I receive it as an invitation from them. LOL!  I enjoyed making all 200 plus some-for-mistakes-just-in-case cards.

While in between breaks, I will let Jonathan sit up for a while on his buggy cos his new chair (which I will post later) is due only in March.  Sometimes while waiting for me to carry him to the buggy, he just can't wait and will scoot to the buggy on his own.

Impatient?  I don't think so.  He just wants to help ... making it easier for me.  But of course I had to scoop him up before he injured himself with all the furniture surrounding him.

Ok...I'm off to finish up a design for a friend's tshirt.  I'm supposed to come up with boy's names design after I finished the A to Z Girl Name designs (SEE HERE) and so far...I haven't done a thing!  Yikes!  Will have to burn the midnight oil again!

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