Friday, November 13, 2009


NOTE:  Pictures taken indoors and closeup so not so clear ... :)

This small sticker pictures were taken almost 12 years ago using the instant Japanese photo machines that we find at local arcade centres.  We decided to have some fun and took this for $8 (I think! can't remember) and we were given one shot.  This is made up of different size pictures all squeezed into a 4R size sticker card.

When you are in these types of booths, you have to be quick to get ready.  You sit in front of the computer screen where your faces will appear.  Then you kind of adjust yourselves within the screen size, squeezing yourselves as close as possible.  So you can see, in this, Harith had to stand behind just to fit in.  haha.

This is like a sticker and the pictures are still in very good condition.  The colors haven't faded after all these years.

This morning, we were at White Sands Pasir Ris and when we walked passed the arcade, I told Harith we should do it again!  Me getting all excited like a young girl ... LOL!

Hilarious! Cos firstly, Jonathan was no longer a baby.  Trying to get him to sit more upright and making sure his face is right where the camera is was not eezzy!.

What's worst was that the instructions were all in JAPANESE!  You are given 6 shots.  When the options for different layouts appear on the screen, you have 20 seconds to make your decision, otherwise, they will take the default design and snap away!  haahaha.

First shot was good cos I just kept clicking away and we were ready for the first snap.

Then we had to start choosing different layout options for another snap.  I was just pressing away because of the limited time given.  Still it turned out pretty good.

Finally ... for this, I chose "2 heads in the heart with a solo picture on the left" layout.  Harith and I positioned ourselves and the camera went click.  That done .. we had abt 10 seconds to get Jonathan ready for the solo picture.  As you can see,  it was just impossible to put Jonathan in an upright position and the camera when "click"!

We had a good laugh because everything had to be done quickly!  And with us like this...20 seconds is just way too short!

After having our photos taken, we had to go to another both to add any decorations and embellishments.   And again, every click has to be made within 10 seconds ... instructions in Japanese and the staff not very helpful.

Harith kept saying ... $9 for rushing?  hahaha.  But when the photos came out, ok...$9 is ok for a good fun.  How often do we do this?.

I guess booths like these are meant to be fun for the users.  How I wish they had the instructions in English.  They had a typewritten one pasted on the wall.  But it would be impossible to read them and try to manage the machine all at one go! LOL!
To me ... it was worth the fun and laughter and Jonathan said it was fun too :)

And yes ... they come as stickers too.  Lets see how long this one will last ... perhaps a decade or more?  We'll see!

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