Sunday, May 09, 2010


I had two surprises today.

While I was taking a shower, Harith got Jonathan to sign a cute mother's day card for me.  I don't know how he managed to hold his hand with the pen.  But the writing was pretty eligible..haha.  Then I got a mystery novel from Harith.

Together we prayed.  Not only for me but also for our own mothers.  And the best present was when I opened my eyes, Jonathan was smiling and looking at me.


But on a sad note.  This afternoon I received a call telling me my good friend's husband suddenly passed away while at work.  He's a container truck driver.  Works the night shift with hardly any rest day.  His friend found him sleeping in the truck probably taking a nap but couldn't revive him when found that it was more than him sleeping.

He was only 50 years old.

I felt so sad for my friend.  Because she also has a child with special needs.  Her husband was the sole provider.

I felt sad because she lost a man she love with a growing child with special needs.  He was always the one carrying her son up and down transport even though the boy can walk, although slow steps.

I felt sad because my good friend and her husband were lovers.  They were the most loving couple I've known.  He would do anything for her whenever she needs help.  He's always patient with their son.  He will always try to earn as much money as possible to make life comfortable for his family.  She told us she must have a conversation with him everyday.

Now...all these will change.  But she did assure me that she will be strong because she has family and friends like us to help her cope and take care of her 2 children.

But I'm thankful that she's got a great older daughter who is going to be a pillar of strength to my friend. LT has been able to take care of her little brother from a very young age.  And my friend also has a big family of siblings who are there for her.  And for that, I'm also sure that she has cherished all the years she's spent with her husband.

Unexpected events brings a sudden awakening to us.

I have to keep reminding myself to cherish each moment with my loved ones, especially my closest boys beside me.

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Wishful Thinking said...

Happy Mothers Day Serene. Lovely card from J :-)
But what sad news for your friend. :( And so young! It seems really hard to imagine losing your partner. I do hope she can stay strong.
Hugs to you.