Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Jonathan, Harith and I spent an hour with Dominic Fondé today to learn about glass art at Glass Art Solutions.

A small quaint private house that was turned into a simple studio that also conducts classes by Dominic or his business partner Jane Cowie.

It was an eye-opener for us, especially Jonathan, even though he was more observing what Dominic was doing and I'm sure he was listening too.  But Harith and I asked all the questions :)

Come along with me on our glass art journey:

But first a little about Dominic's techniques.  He uses the drilling method to engrave anything on glass.  This engraving tool can be purchased from art stores.   You can read more about what Dominic has done at his website.

Some artists use the dentist drill but Dominic prefers to use this portable one cos it's easy to travel with.

This is the drill bit (which has diamonds on it) to engrave on glass.

Over here, we are preparing Jonathan to engrave his own cup. Wearing mask is necessary cos of the glass dust. He was so game for this that he didn't mind having the mask on and was all ready to hold the drill..LOL!

Jonathan's name written by Dominic using a marker as guide.

While I held Jonathan's hand, Dominic maneuvered the drill.  Notice he still crosses his leg while doing his work...haha!

Concentrating ....

The finished work.  Jonathan moved his hand a little and so the letter "t" was slightly off.

Our next demonstration required us to wear dark shade goggles.

Colored glass rods to be melted into glass beads.  While clear glass is cheapest, the red ones are the most expensive.

This is the reason why we had to wear the goggles.  Looking at this bright yellow light for a prolong period of time will hurt the eyes.  Dominic uses these torches that produces fire that goes up to 1000 degrees Celcius. 

The final product.  The bead is red because it's very hot.  Once cooled, it will return to the color that was used to create this bead.

The heated beads are placed in this box filled with cork-like materials to cool them down.

Jonathan holding a bead that was not totally cold.  His expression tells all :)

These are the beads created and we got to keep them :)

More pictures on bead making can be found in my FACEBOOK.

Different types of glass...opaque, clear, colored ...

Dominic showing us a metal looking glass.

The kiln used for molding projects.  We didn't get to see what's inside or do a mold because some projects by students are in there.  And if we open the kiln before the "baking" ends, the glass will crack as it reacts to the environment.

We just got to have a picture with the Artist himself :)

I would have enrolled for the engraving class if I have the time.  It's such an interesting hobby and you can make gifts on drinking glass for friends!  Maybe one day.

Classes are available on weekdays in the evenings.  SGD200 for 8/2hour class.  But if you want a session for your class just like what we did today, Email Dominic for more details.

Jonathan said he enjoyed himself.  He liked engraving better than making beads.  When we asked if he wants to be a glass artist, he said "NO."  LOL!

Dominic was very clear in his demonstration and we had a good time.  He even showed us some works that they were commissioned to do.  Amazing work!  Thanks Dominic!

Then we adjourned to Parkway Parade for lunch.


Mustardseedmum said...

That looks like a cool field trip!

Serene Ho said...

Hey Lynette! sure was!

Betty Ann said...

I just bought this great beading book