Saturday, May 15, 2010


I've been dry in coming up with designs.  Thank God I've started creating again :)

Found this really nice music graphic and decided to print a shirt for my friend's daughter who's going to Poland for a choir competition this June.

This is the front crest (above).  I didn't want to put her full so decided on just the initials.  Harith was wondering why I tilted the music staff.  Well...I didn't want it to look squarish  heh heh.  below is a close up:

The main design was put behind.


I've got another 2 more birthday cards to finish before June and 4 children tshirt design to complete.  Have just finished a Singapore National Day design HERE.  If you know of anyone who wants to order the national day tshirt, do let me know.  Hope to come up with another ND design later.

Phew!  I'm glad I could get started again.  Thank you Jesus!

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