Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Well...I been having this clip in a video tape between all of Jonathan's game shows. Been wanting to transfer it down to DVD but I don't know how to hook up the DVD recorder to the VHS player {yes ... we still have VHS player heh heh }

So I used my camera and recorded it. I wanted to show my friend (Lorraine's son) who was also featured for a few seconds.

Jonathan was in Rainbow Centre then. The school was one of the recipients of the President Star Charity so they needed someone to be featured and we were asked to help. I didn't record the actual show because we were at Mediacorp for the show :(

But I'm glad I have this and another shorter trailer featuring only Jonathan (if I can find it in one of those tapes haha!)

Please excuse the bad recording.  Was trying not to have those flickering images.  You can hear Jonathan's voice laughing in the background because he was so amused that I kept rewinding the tape.

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