Tuesday, May 18, 2010


He's not been going to school and he's still not keen.  Health issue has settled somewhat except for the stuffy nose once in a while.

The weather's been really hot.  That's one contributing factor.  The other is that he's switched his bowel movements to the afternoon.

When he was in the morning session, he used to want to poo in the morning.  Now, he's doing them in the afternoon.  That's one of the reasons why I'm so reluctant to go.

Doing "business" at home is fine.  He's on the mat.  No matter how many times he does it, it's still easy for me to clean  him.

But in school, it's a totally different matter.  The toilet bench is short in length.  And carrying him up and down is a total strain on my back.  I cannot always rely on the school warden to be around.  She has other classes to help.  Also, to wait for him and stay in the toilet is also very hot.

I dread this.  Yet...I can't let this stop me from bringing Jonathan to school.  A friend said I should train Jonathan to do his "business" at other times.  But it's hard.  If I do that, he will get annoyed and angry and just refused to do it.

Then again...how can you force nature?

Today I got a call from Nurse Lisa from the school asking how we are doing and when we will be going back.
She asked if I've been doing any exercises..."No" was my reply...sadly.  Well..he's just been watching tv and we bring him out for walks.  I've worked with him on a couple of times but that has stopped because I lose my patients quite quickly now.

So...that's what's been happening.  Do I feel guilty just making him stay home?  It's a mixed feeling.  He's still weary about going to school and coming home ill.

Since we just got his new buggy, I'm going to use that when we return to school and this is another issue.  The buggy is huge and heavy.  Without Harith it will be a struggle.  But this is something that I have to deal with even if Harith is not around to help me.


May said...

understand the mixed feelings... going to school vs catching germs/infection... learning vs tiredness...everything has it's pros and cons...

Serene Ho said...

Thanks May. somehow it's hard to make the decision. Hope you are doing well with Vera and Daen.