Wednesday, May 12, 2010


We got our new buggy on Saturday (8th May).  I was so excited about its arrival that it didn't occur to me that it was the wrong size, wrong color.  Only after the delivery man left that I asked myself why was this new buggy bigger than the one we got from Make a Wish Foundation.

I put Jonathan on it and he looked like a small fish in a big tank..haha.   Thought I should bring him downstairs for a walk but it was already too hot so we didn't do it, which was good cos we had to exchange it :)

Harith came back from his music classes and said the size is absolutely wrong.  He was amused that I didn't even see the obvious signs that this new buggy was the wrong one..haha.  Well... I was blinded by excitement LOL!

Ours was 14" and the color green teal (but in the photos below, they look blue haha) we got the exchange on Monday morning.

Yesterday, we tired it out.  We went to Changi Airport because it was less crowded to try on the escalators too.

Here we are on the travelator just above the train station that connects Terminal 3 to Terminal 2.  We were walking T2.

Our prince, aka boss (to some friends)..haha.  Never fails to cross his legs.

At Terminal 2.  He's still trying to adjust to the new buggy.  At the beginning he kept moving himself out, ie dangle his whole body out of the buggy and we had no choice but to use the shoulder harness to keep him in position.

Before we left, we went to the viewing gallery that had a display on the history of Changi Airport and while standing infront of a big mirror, we took this:

I'm glad we went to the airport for a tryout.   It was easier with less people than at the shopping mall.

Now...more about the buggy:

The leg rest - Looks like the front of the normal wheelchair.  We have to swing the foot rest to the sides when folding the buggy.  The front wheels are blocked by the seat.  I have to look left and right before landing the buggy from the escalator.  Almost got stuck on the top of the escalator earlier.

The big hind wheels.  We were not sure if these hind wheels will fit into the steps of the escalator but they did...phew!

The buggy seat is comfortable.  There is a kind of material strip on the middle of the whole seat that is kind of heatproof.  So sitting on the buggy will not be too sweaty for Jonathan.

The only drawback is the handle bar.

It's a 5-positioning handle.  Just press the knob on both sides and you can move it up and down.

When I'm moving up and down pavements (whenever there's no ramp around), I will bring the handbar down and hold the actual frame.  I'm afraid that if I use the handlebar to press down on the buggy, it may break.

One thing good about the backrest is that it's adjustable to the contour of the body.  The double side straps on velcro, allows you release the tension if you don't want the backrest to be too upright (picture below)

The back of the buggy.

Although the main frame is tilted on 30 degrees, the inner part of the seat can be lowered just by adjusting this flap (above) that is held by velcro.  Not much allowance is given but still it will help to push Jonathan into the seat even more.

All in all, it's a sturdy and good buggy.  It's whole frame is metal and it's strong.  Although it's heavy, it's still manageable when we carry (well ... Harith has been the one doing the carrying.)  10 kilos (approx 20 pounds).  The suspension is good and Jonathan seems comfortable in it.  But I still have to make adjustments to his backrest so he will be more comfortable.

So goodbye to the Maclaren buggy.  It was good while Jonathan could fit in it :)


Wishful Thinking said...

Fantastic you have your new buggy. :-) I was grinning to myself when you were so excited you didn't realise it was wrong to start with heheee (that would be what I would do as well!) ;-) Glad the trial run went okay. Going to the airport was a good idea too. Happy strolling with it :-)

penelope gan said...

Looks good and light enough to pack up. Mr. B has one too - charitable organisation from Japan (I think) - but he doesn't like it. Well, he only likes nana's lap I guess. Doesn't realise he's getting older and so is nana. Whilst he get bigger and heavier, nana gets weaker.

Congrats anyways!
I'll be seeing you soon. Am flying down with your other new toy.
(wink wink)

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Rachel and Penny! We always have to find really suitable ones for our SN kids and once they outgrow them, the search starts all over again.
Sorry you have to bring my new toy over Penny! Xiao Long treat! That will make Rachel drool! haha.