Monday, July 18, 2011


Nothing much.  Except that he's begun this tactics just to get my attention and doing things for him QUICKLY!

No amount of "please wait"...  "hold on a minute"... will make him wait patiently.

He will either pull his feeding button or roll off out of his floor mattress to where the computer is.  Or he will start kicking the box that I put near him where all his gauze, wipes and daily amenities are.  Or he will start pulling the diaper bag across his face.

No amount of stern warning will stop him.  Until you have done what he wants you to do.

Teenager?  Yes.
Naughty?  Well...he may be to some who are strict parents.  To me, I don't think this is it.

Reason being?  It's also partly my fault.  Because sometimes when I say "wait a minute", I will make him wait more than a minute.  That's actually not a very good example isn't it? haha.  He knows mommy's bad habits!

Now...I will explain to him what I'm going so that he knows he has to wait.  He's able to wait till I finish whatever I need to finish then he gets his request.  But of course, when he's impatient, he will start from square one and I'll be raising my volume LOL.

I cannot wait for the time when he will start saying "mom, please help me play this video or music."

Till that time, I'm enjoying his "NO!" that he so clearly says whenever he doesn't want any particular item/video clip/music.

On another note.  I noticed the muscle on his right leg, just behind the knee, tends to be a little tight.  He crosses his legs when he sits on his buggy/chair.  but he straightens his left leg more.  So the crossed leg is bent almost quite frequently, although he does straigthen it from time to time.

Maybe I will get my friend to give him a good massage to loosen up the muscles.  Will see how it goes.


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