Thursday, July 21, 2011


This information is for all mommies of children with special needs.

We know the cost of all milk and diapers really takes a toll on our monthly expenses.  We are always on a lookout for lower priced items.

I found this website through my niece and it has helped me reduce some $$.

For Jonathan, he currently takes Isomil Advance 3 Eye Plus.  At Shop & Save, the price is $39 for a 900g can.  In other medical shops, lowest is $36.  At Luvbabies, I pay $35 per can and I order at least 8-10 cans per month supply.  Sometimes they have promotion at $200 for 6 cans.

Jonathan uses Mamy Poko diaper XXL.  Lowest I can find is $13.80 at a medical shop at Pasir Ris.  But even though Luvbabies sells them at $14 per 28pc pack, it's still a good deal.  For diapers, it's around 5-6 packs a month.

Spend more than $200 and you get free delivery.  But you have to order online.

Monthly expenses for Jonathan just for these 2 items is almost $450.

Go to LUVBABIES, create an account for yourself and hope this will help you save.

If anyone out there knows of any place that sells these items at a lower price, do leave a contact in my comment box so that we will know where to find them.  I would appreciate no spamming please.  Thank you.

1)  Propax gauze (lowest price I can get from Pharmex is $0.85 per pack for 7.5cm gauze)
2)  Tagederm Transparent Film Dressing (lowest priced is $60 per box of 100 from DNR Wheels)


Anonymous said...


This shop ia at Teck Whye Lane.


Serene Ho said...

Thank you Adeline :)