Sunday, July 03, 2011


I enjoy experimenting.  This time around, experimenting on customer's order, as well as spoiling a few. heh heh

Customer Ms J order 21 printed wooden coasters.
 I have never done layering on wooden coasters before.  The very first piece I tried on was this pink flower.
It was simply cutting the flex and printing on the coaster and that's it.

With layering, it's a little more delicate.  First the bottom layer (blue cloud and stars) has to go down first.  I have to bear in mind that wood also radiate heat.  So at 180C degrees plus the wood, I have to make sure the transfer gets pasted down onto the wood.   My mistake was not sandpapering the coaster first to make the surface smoother. (Will remember to do this next time).

The 2nd layer, which are the words goes on top.  Temperature was still 180 degrees but I have to hold it for only 4 seconds instead of the full 10.  this is because if I hold the heatpress too long, the areas surround the alphabets will start to wrinkle.  so it's like 1st layer, press 10 seconds, remove backing, press for another second or two.  Second layer, press for 6 seconds, remove backing and press for another second.

I can't use this light blue flex.  it has a white adhesive back so when I press too long, the white adhesive bleed out.  But thankfully, this time around it's less than 0.01cm.

So long as customer is happy.

Tested on hot plate.  Holds very well.  Another successful project.  Thank you Lord!

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