Wednesday, July 20, 2011


the dental treatment cos Jonathan's caught a cold tonight.  He's resting.  But the secretion is making him cough and thus deep coughing causes him to retch.

Me...I have forgotten to give him flumucil to lessen the phlegm.  Now whatever I give him doesn't sit well in his tummy and a slight turn will cause him to throw up.

Hopefully he will sleep right through tonight.

He's quite sensible now.  He knows that whatever he takes will be thrown out, he kept saying 'no' to food, even to porridge water.  I'm just happy that he's able to communicate with us.  At least we know how he's feeling.

The funny thing about Singapore weather is:
To warm, we turn up the fan speed and open the windows wider.
Early dawn, the temperature drops. We have to lower the fan speed and close the window a little. Sometimes I'm so deep asleep that i forget to wake up to check on him.  The little boy will be all curled up.  He doesn't like blankets.  Will wake up if we cover him with one.  The again, it's just too hot to cover him with a blankey!
Lowering the fan speed makes him perspire.  Then we're back to square one and it becomes chilly.

And no...he doesn't like to sleep with the air-conditioner on.


Better to postpone the appointment than to go through serious consequences.

Lord...thank you that Jonathan has speedy recovery!


May said...

totally with you about waking up at night to adjust fan and windows. I do it everynight too!

hope he gets better soon.

weather change, our kids noses suffer.

Serene Ho said...

You're right May. It happens suddenly and the next day, gone. But looks like I will want to postpone it. Can't afford to have him retch again.