Thursday, July 25, 2013


Today we brought Jonathan to the Society for the Physically Disabled (Tampines Branch) for assessment. I was a little  uncomfortable at first because the Indian OT sat there looking at Jonathan for a while and I was thinking "hmmm what is he thinking about".  He was so quiet!  haha.  We'll see what results they have about Jonathan. 

So after everything was over, including asking questions about Jonathan, we have arranged to have therapy every Wednesday, once a week for the time being.

Jonathan said he didn't mind the place. Me too.  It's quiet and nice and not a lot of people.  And most of all, it's at Tampines.

We will start therapy next week at 9.15am!  It's been a while since we get up so early, although on certain days, Jonathan does get up at 8am.  I have to be the disciplined one haha!

We are going to try once a week first.  Therapy session is I think 45 minutes at $54/session.  I have not started applying for subsidy yet because I'm not sure if Jonathan will be able to take PT.  They recommended 2 times/week, ie, one session PT and the other OT.  But I'm gearing more towards PT and maybe will just request for this.

Looking forward to letting Jonathan have proper physio therapy although we discussed that maybe I can do simple stretching and exercises at home.  But the thing is I'm not strong enough to handle Jonathan and the facilities at SPD will be good for him.  So we finally agreed that giving Jonathan an extra activity apart from being at home or taking short walks downstairs would be a good change.

I'm praying that the motion sickness will not affect him at all.


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