Friday, July 26, 2013


Well...after the drooling stopped, I decided to try the milk we bought from JB again,  First  2 days was ok.  Then slowly the drooling started, escalating each day I continued.  To the effect that even when he was sitting on his buggy, he was struggling with the excessive saliva in his mouth and he kept having this gagging sensation.

I'm just thinking it's odd for this to happen.  So we finally stopped and of course, the drooling did stop too.

So back to our locally purchased Isomil Advance Eye Q Plus 3. I'm still not comfortable switching to cow milk yet as recommended by KK dietitian.

I don't understand why does milk cost cost so much.  This milk per 900g tin cost almost $48!  Well...ten cents short of $48. To get them from the chinese medical shop they do reduce it to $45.50.

If anyone knows of anyone who is working in Abbot or Zuellig Pharma, please let me know.  I need to buy a carton every month for Jonathan's milk consumption.



Michele Foo said...

Hi Serene, do u still need the contact to Abbot representatives for bulk purchase of milk?

Serene Ho said...

Hello Michele,

Yes I do. as long as the contact doesn't feel the burden of helping me to buy. I don't want them to fee obligated. I don't like to push people into buying for Jonathan.

Thanks for asking!