Saturday, July 13, 2013


Just recently, I have started trying milk powder for Jonathan from Malaysia.  Not alot because we are not allowed to buy many across the causeway.  But the price is certainly much cheaper.

But last week, after consuming one can, Jonathan started salivating alot.  And I mean really alot.  Small puddles drooling out from his mouth and when he rubs his face on the mat, his face will be wet with saliva.

I don't know if it was the milk so we stopped it immediately and got him started on the Isomil from Singapore.

Two days ago, I called Abbott Singapore to check on the ingredients on the Isomil Advance Eye Q Plus.  The nutritionist said that there is no difference between those imported to Malaysia and Singapore.  The ingredients and nutrition contents are the same. The only thing is all health regulations are different between each country.  So for Singapore that follows AVA's guidelines, the calcium content in this milk may be slightly higher than those of Malaysia.

So after laying off Malaysia milk for one week, I put him back on again today.  So far, after 2 feeds, everything seems fine.

Perhaps that can of milk before this was faulty, I do not know.  Maybe Jonathan could have taken something that cause this mass salivation instead.

Hopefully all will turn out good.

And for talking to the nutritionist for his advice, yesterday I received three $5 voucher for the Isomil Advance Eye Q plus.  That was super nice of him to do that.  Yesterday already used one heh heh

Thank you Lord for this blessing :)

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