Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Why is it that when you have planned and budget your finances for something, anothwr issue pops up?

Today we had to change my sink piping. Leaked pretty badly.  Thank God no major repairs needed. After changing pipe, they found another leak somewhere.  Total we had to oay: $210.

Tomorroww we also got to change Jon's feeding button. Another $250 plus for this.

While the former is unscrew pipes and replace with new, putting sealant with no major repairs, changing Jon's feeding button is nerve wrecking for him. The pain and anxiety of having the old button that is slightly stiff from long time use to be pulled out from the tiny hole in his tummy. I wonder how am I going to explain to this young man who dislikes hospital visits.

Both seems simple enough procedures. One with ease, the other with anxiety. But both equally expensive procedures.

If tou happened to drop vy, please say a little prayer for my prince that everything will be smooth for him tomorrow.

Thanks for visiting. God bless!

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