Saturday, July 06, 2013


I finally had a talk with Jonathan yesterday evening about what happened the day before.  He told me he wasn't afraid of changing his button.  He knew Jesus was with him.  That brought a smile to my face.

Then we went to the subject of him falling ill.  He said he felt giddy in the taxi going to and from KK hospital.  The giddiness was stronger on the way back and he felt like vomitting.  He said long and short journeys are the same.  He said that while short trips to Tampines Central are ok, he doesn't want to go to Orchard Road.

I'm thankful that I got it out of him yesterday.  Although I knew that this was the likely cause for a while already, but when he stopped vomitting at one stage, I thought he was finally over this issue.  Looks like not yet.

He said that next time if we go out, he will need medicine.

I hear you son.  Thank you for being honest with your answers.

In the meantime, I got a call from the person in charge of enrollment to the Society for the Physically Disabled.  I've requested for the neuro department at KK to help us get Jonathan started on physiotherapy because he hasn't had it for a long time.

They asked if I wanted to apply for subsidy as each therapy session is more than $50.  I told her I wanted to see if Jonathan is able to take the therapy first before I make the decision of applying for subsidy.  Otherwise, it will be a waste of time and effort if everything is done (knowing how many red tapes I have to go through and all the applications that have to be completed) and then Jonathan can't take the sessions.

I'm hoping that he will be able to do it.  Will see when a slot for assessment becomes available.

Hope everyone is healthy.  It's back to work for me now.

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May said...

Hi Serene,

Great that Jonathan can tell you how he feels. Even I feel like vomiting in taxis and dislike going to Orchard Road! It's the way they drive, try picking auto cabs instead of manual cabs (Toyota Crown) - those are the most jerky. Winding down the window a little might help, the air in cabs can be quite stale and Co2. Wish there were affordable home physio sessions, then no need to travel for Jonathan.