Thursday, July 04, 2013


On 3rd July 2013, button was changed very quickly.  First they applied numbing jelly that also provided lubricant to make it easy to pull out the old button.  After stretching the button straight, ne hard yank and a pop sound, the one one came out.  I purposely timed the appointment close to his next feed so there wasn't much stomach contents.  A little blood but thank God no tear.  Nurse let his tummy rest for a minute then in went the new one with a little groan from Jonathan.

He was brave boy.  Didn't resist when I told him had to go for his appointment.  It's all because of Jesus and I'm thankful to Him for protecting our prince.

Here's a picture of the stoma before the new button was inserted.

This little feeding button, stem height 1.7cm is inserted into Jonathan's tummy.  This tiny gadget that comes with 2 feeding tubes and one flushing tube costs SGD485.  At private hospitals and clinic, one will likely pay for this full price plus other service charges.  At KK Children's Hospital, we have government grant of 50% and they didn't charge us for changing his button.  For this, I'm grateful.

While everything ran smoothly for the day, we ended the day with Jonathan not feeling well.

I'm baffled.  We leave home yesterday morning to KK and everything was ok.  On the way back, taxi ride was ok except that Jonathan showed a little sign of gagging.  Just 2 hours after reaching home, his nose started to act up.  By evening, he was beginning to retch.  Since 11pm, he's been throwing up.  If going to KK was no problem, then it cannot be motion sickness.  And each time we bring him out to town, he always says he doesn't want to come home.  He knows what would happen and he's scared.  That is why nowadays, he is not keen to out but stay at home all the time.

But thankfully, he woke up refreshed at 9am and started talking.  After waking me up, I cuddled him a little and he want back to sleep until 10.30am.

Thank God his fine now.  But I'm going to ask him some questions later to try and dig up some information from him about what happened.

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