Friday, January 30, 2009


One of the Teacher Assistants who first taught Jonathan when he moved to Spastic Children's Association School, came back to work and I was really happy to see Teacher Saahla. She's a very gentle and nice lady.

Today she saw Jonathan at the canteen and said that his features have not changed ... to which Teacher Lay Keong said that Jonathan still has got the baby face ...

I love my baby-face son ... ;o)

He was cheeky today. At spelling, he purposely spelt "opener" as "opinir". Later, when I asked, he spelt it correctly. While giving me the wrong answer, he kept smiling. What can I say? My baby-face boy is humorous! But I'm happy that despite not learning the spelling words {cos we were not in school to collect the spelling list}, he got 8/12.

Praise the Lord \o/


Nicole said...

Jon is brilliant!

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Nicole!