Monday, January 26, 2009


We had our reunion dinner at mum's on Saturday. Thanks to Olive! {a good friend ... front row in red blouse} for her camera {I forgot to bring mine ...}. My mum ... seated in white floral blouse {slightly behind Jonathan}. Not in picture are Arina's and Sally's family {who are in USA}.

Note: My grand-nephew Lucas is in front of his daddy, next to Olive.

We had a good time. Lots of food ~ Larry's ter ka {pork leg}, Emmy's herbal chicken, our otah, Olive's assam pork, Leanne's chicken curry, Mary's {sis-in-law) sambal broccoli, fried dumplings, prawn fritters, ngoh hiang*, white steam rice, orr nee** {dessert}, drinks, chin chow {another dessert} and bak kwah {bbq pork slices}. Yum yum!


*In Singapore, ngor-hiang, or ngoh-heong, is commonly used to refer to a type of meat sausage made with a thin translucent beancurd skin somewhat similar to caul fat. Stalls selling this normally have a variety of other fried fritters, prawn fritters, beancurd(tau-kwa) and fish-cakes to go with the cut-up rolls.

**Teochew Yam Paste is a traditional dish made by steaming yams, mashing and then sweetening to form the dessert which resembles yam dough. It is often served with gingko seeds. This dessert contains fried onion oil to give it a nice fragrance. It is pretty a laborious job to prepare this dish.

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