Thursday, January 01, 2009


It's the first day of 2009. Harith, Jonathan and I wish all our loved ones and friends a blessed new year filled with abundance from Abba Father!

For 2008, there are many things to be thankful for. But 2 thank-yous are due to one or two anonymous persons.

Yes ... we received 2 unexpected gifts in our mail box. One is a few months before Christmas and the other one or two days before that.

If you are reading my blog, please know that we are grateful to you for your gifts. Thank you for thinking of us. And know that your gifts were answered prayers. Most of all, that Abba Father will bless you in return more than what you gave.

We are also thankful that Jonathan has stopped falling ill so regularly. In fact, during the school holidays, he didn't fall sick at all! Lately, he has also been singing alot. Every time he makes a sound, we will ask him if he's talking or singing, he will choose the latter {ie singing}. The most obvious thing we noticed is that he's able to spit water out when we brush his teeth. We put water into his mouth and tell him to spit and he will do that.

Lately, he has been rolling over unto the tummy and prop himself up quite a lot too.

He's always a cheerful boy. We enjoy his cheeky smiles when I make him nap. We love his facial expressions when he talks and exclaims. We enjoy his laughter...he never ceases to amaze us with his funny antics :)

Jonathan has grown taller. He's a little heavier but we are still able to carry him.

The school year is starting tomorrow. Lord ... we know you will watch over Jonathan and we believe he will continue to progress!


val said...

Kisses to you Jon from Bryant and Becks. We also love his adorable looks! Uggh Uggh...thats how he calls me...or at least I think so!


oi! i didnt know you opened your prezzie before christmas???? noty noty!!!

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Bryant & Becks! Hugs and kisses to you too! Sorry about tt. Had to clear my dining room and also couldn't wait to see what I got! Actually the latter was more pressing! LOL!