Sunday, January 25, 2009


According to the Chinese Lunar Calendar, today is Jonathan's birthday. He was born on Chinese New Year eve. It's different from the english calendar. His birthday is in February.

Took out my camera to take pictures of him ... here are Jonathan's quiet moments:


Sharmaine said...

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!
Hope the day was a special one

Serene Ho said...

Thank you Sharmaine! His english birthday is actually 6 February. But in the chinese calendar it falls on the chinese new year's eve and thank you for lovely wishes! He certainly enjoyed himself having received alot of hong baos (money packets)!

Maureen said...

Sorry, Jon, we forgot to wish you "Happy Birthday" and give you another angpow!! (Owe you one) God bless you with a good year ahead filled with His love, joy and peace. May His favour continue to be upon you. We love you.

Tessa, Teri,
Uncle Arthur & Aunty Maureen