Sunday, January 04, 2009


This is Jonathan's current shoes that he wears to school. Because he doesn't walk in them, it's been in good condition for almost 2 years. He wears them to school but he will always kick off his shoes once he reaches his classroom. That's his habit. He loves to wriggle in his socks while sitting on his special wheelchair seat and attending lessons. He will willingly put it back when it's time to go home. LOL!

Since last year, the shoe lace, that was elastic and held with a catch, broke. So I had to use a pair of normal shoe lace, tied them at the end {see picture below} because they were too long.
Anyway, from the looks of the shoes, it's slowly tearing at the seams and also tight for Jonathan's feet.

So we decided to get him a new pair today.

While at the shoe store {Bata}, he was whining and getting upset. After a few questions, his answer was "I don't want new shoes! I want to keep wearing the old one."

Harith explained to him that it's time for a new pair and he reluctantly agreed.

it's so funny...he just likes old stuff ... even his current sandals. He preferred his old one but again we managed to get him to wear a new one as the current one was torn.

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