Saturday, January 17, 2009


Brought Jonathan for a flu jab today at our family clinic. The last time he had one was more than a year ago.

He's very brave. I told him earlier today why he had to take the jab and he told me he wanted it on his arm instead of his thigh.

So we went. Dr Ong said it's wise for us to do this as it helps to prevent Jonathan from the flu bug.

Jonathan was not afraid to look. He's always like that with jabs. Although he had a little "cringy" face when he saw the needle, but he still looked at what Dr Ong did ... which won him praises from the doctor. LOL!

The next jab will probably be a year or 2 away. According to Dr Ong, some flu jabs can last up to about 2 years until they are informed of a new strain of virus.

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