Thursday, June 25, 2009


We went out this evening cos I had to get some stationery. When a taxi came, I started choking and coughing. Got into the cab. Coughed a little before I closed the door. Told the cab driver where we were headed to and he didn't reply me at all.

Harith got on after putting Jonathan's buggy in the car boot. Then we proceeded. I asked Harith to get me a tissue and gave a loud cough to clear my throat. Then said "I choked".

Immediately the cab driver passed a comment which I thought was not so nice. He said he's very scared now and does not pick up passengers from the airport or hotel and won't stop for foreigners. Said that his fellow taxi colleague had a passenger from airport to Johor Bahru and caught the flu from the passenger. Then proceeded to explain that if they are hit with the H1N1, their earnings will be badly affected. The government doesn't compensate when they don't earn their money.

I guess if he's afraid, he shouldn't be driving at all. But then, that's the only job he can do. Nowadays who is going to hire anyone >50 years old except for cleaning jobs?

Although I was a little upset by his comments, I feel sad for him. He faces different passengers everyday and you just don't know when he will be faced with an infected passenger :-(

That made me realise that from now on, whenever we take a cab, we should get a receipt. Not only just for this H1N1 situation.

Teacher rang me this morning to give me instructions about preparing to return to school on Monday. Harith is thinking we should let Jonathan stay home for another week. My tonsils sometimes give me a little trouble once in a few hours and I cough. So now I'm not sure whether that would pose a problem.

Jonathan has sinus problem. We have to bring him to the doctors before Monday to certify that he's ok and it's not related to the virus strain.

All these for prevention. Better be safe than sorry.

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