Saturday, June 13, 2009


Jonathan was very funny tonight. From don't know when or where, he just kept looking at the cupboard that stores all our old photographs, his younger days, etc.

Tonight, he asked for them. I'm just surprised he remembered where we kept them. But then again ... he's always got very very good memory. So the reason for looking at the albums? He said he wanted to see his younger day pictures. LOL!

So I had to dig out 3 4R albums, cleaned them up and sat him in front of me and started flipping the pages. Whenever there are photos of other people with him in them, he will ask me to flip. But when it came to his own self-portraits, he will look at them intensely and listen to me babbling about how handsome he is ... et cetra ... LOL!

He wanted more albums but it was already late and only stopped asking when I said "tomorrow". LOL!

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