Saturday, June 06, 2009


Jonathan loves to be cuddled. Loves to hide his face in my arms whenever I carry him to lie down with me. Today, he was smiling when I asked him to "bless" mummy. He's got this special touch that I love whenever he places his hands on my head.

2 nights ago, he woke up at 4am soaking wet waist down from a leaked diaper. Why? cos mummy, aka me, took a cough mixture that knocked me out totally. He didn't grumble. Just gently touched my face with his hands and I knew ... cos he took a whole lot of porridge water before he slept.

Shucks...i said. I set the alarm but it didn't wake the down-and-out me. Changed him to clean jammies, then brought him to the small hall so that I could change his bed linens. All the while .. daddy was still sleeping despite the noise that I was making! haha! He was way too tired from the day's work.

Being a good boy, he watched me at work. Then happily said yes when I offered him some milk since he was awake. He smiled and did small talk while I was feeding him.

I wondered ... what's Jonathan saying now?

Both of us finally went to bed around 4.30am. I'm just glad that I didn't get angry, which sometimes I do, when I have to work late. I'm happy that he went back to sleep happy, clean and fresh.

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