Tuesday, June 23, 2009


We went to the supermarket at 9.45pm to meet Harith after his violin classes. Sometimes supermarkets here have a funny smell and after you're done shopping and we just have to shower Jonathan again, especially wash his hair!

So we got home, and before transferring him from the buggy to the mat, I told Jonathan that we had to shower him.

Then he said : mo were-er ower

I asked him if he just asked me if we have to shower. His answer: "Yes". :-)

I'm believing God for Jonathan to speak words. Sometimes when he talks {which he is doing alot lately} it sounds like a certain sentence. Once while we were watching the Wheel of Fortune, he said "o" and immediately, the contestant said "I'd like to buy an O please." {He's seen the video clip a few times already}.

Must try to record him {this is usually a hard task cos he will stop talking when he sees the recorder} LOL!


Nicole said...

Great! So good to hear that!!! wow oh wee!! I pray more words will come!!!

Serene Ho said...

Amen Nicole!