Monday, June 29, 2009


Jonathan's not going to school this week. Harith decided that. So it's another extension for Jonathan. We still have to get a doctor's letter (as required by MOE) to certify that Jonathan's nose block / sinus problem is not related to the virus. So a visit to the family doctor is imminent.

I've postponed the annual check up appointment for Jonathan at KK Hospital. Didn't want to risk going there because a few H1N1 cases for children have been brought there. Next appointment ? November! Hopefuly the virus would have cleared by then.

Jonathan's dental appointment is on 7th July. Can't postpone that anymore. It's way past the 6 month check and both the dentist's clinic and I took turns changing the appointment dates, so we better go. Dentist needs to know that 3 of Jonathan's molars have dropped.

I've been feeling tired lately. I used to be able to stay up till wee hours of the morning. But for the last few days by 1.30am I will be nodding and yawning away. Hope it's not my medical problem as fatigue is one of the symptoms. I better go for my checkup again. Other than this, everything else is ok. I've managed to cut down on my food intake. Trying to do some exercise but still can't manage to do so. But on the whole, lesser urge to visit the toilet (which is good).
I'm believing God to be free of this medical condition.

Going to watch Traitor with Harith now {since we are not going to school tomorrow ... heh heh}


May said...

Hope you feel better soon. multivitamins may help energy levels...esp B vitamins.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks May! Will check out the vitamins.