Saturday, April 04, 2009


Jonathan's school nurse noticed his fingers a little purple last week. She was concerned.

I have been noticing that his palms and legs tend to be a little pale on certain occasions.

While at the doctor's yesterday getting his flu fixed, I asked Dr Ong.

He said nothing to be concerned about. Nothing that need pursuing. He gave me a medical term and said that his wife is also like that. He said, if his lips are pale, then we have to seek medical advice and treatment.

I googled the word he gave but cannot find anything. Maybe I got it wrong. Have to ask him again.

Then I read from a forum that someone had a dislocated shoulder and affected the nerves and his fingers sometimes turn purple.

Jonathan's shoulders have also been "clicking" whenever he rotates them. I don't know if that's the problem. Will have to check with his neurologist on our next appointment. Can't bring forward the date cos every date is booked!

But for now, at least I'm glad it's nothing to worry about.

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