Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Yesterday, 6 February, once more, it's Jonathan's birthday.

Thank God that he stopped vomiting at 5am yesterday morning.  Well enough to be able to celebrate his birthday.

I asked him, "darling are you happy?", after we cut the cake.

His simple reply...."yes" with those big round eyes looking at me.

Then...with a kiss on his forehead, I said, "mommy loves you."

Yesterday he said he wanted us to buy him something.  But he still couldn't tell us what exactly he wanted after we listed all the things we thought he would like.  So I guess we will still have to keep asking him until the right one comes along.

I leave you with this picture that I love out of the few we took.  He bent his head and looked at the cake while cutting it.  The seriousness in his eyes was quite cute in a way.

Thanks to all who wished Jonathan "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!", whether on the actual day or belated.  All the wishes have been conveyed to him and even though he doesn't express it, I'm sure he was really really happy.

And thanks for visiting.  God bless :)

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