Monday, February 06, 2012

HE'S 15

It's 12 midnight. Jonathan is officially 15, IC eligible age, a teen with his own wants, a mind of his own.

This evening, after his nap, he became unwell. It brought me back to the day he was born. Being resuscitated and having tubes all over him in the neonatal intensive care.

I'm just so happy that all these are in the past.

To our beloved Jonathan:
Mommy and daddy love you unconditionally. We're happy that "I love you" is always in our daily conversation with you. You have been our source of strength and the joy that comes with it.

You laughter is the best medicine for us. Your wit is the antidote to our stressful day. Your smile is contagious and your excitement is our simple pleasures.

You don't have worries and you always don't want us to worry about you. You said you don't need anything, and you made sure we don't spend on you either. your simple pleasures are old tapes of Wheel of Fortune that was taped over the past years for you and still didn't want anything more.

I hate myself for letting you fall sick. But thank you for being so forgiving.

Your cheerful nature, despite all that you've been through, is the toughest character yet.

Yes you do have down times. You do have disappointments, you voice them to us with small cries or pulling tissues LOL. But once you are satisfied with what you've got, that big bright personality starts to shine.

Our dearest son, you're the Righteousness of God in Christ. You are Jesus' beloved, the young man whom Jesus loves. Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for making the effort to say "no" and for trying so hard to make us happy.

Thank you most of all for loving our shortcomings and sometimes not being able to meet your immediate needs. Thank you son...and we appreciate you.

The Lord will bless you richly, heal you and make you whole, a person without disability.

And this is out desire...

We love you son <3


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Happy Birthday!

Joanne-Marie said...

Happy Birthday Johnathan!

May your birthday be filled with laughter, joy, love, and peace in your heart! :)

Serene Ho said...

Thank you very much :)