Monday, February 20, 2012


And I will remember 13 February 2012 for a long time.

Two major events fell on the same day.

Jonathan was scheduled to have his identity card done on that Monday. But the night before (Sunday 12th), his button broke. The small little tiny tip broke off from the button cover. I really thank God that it happened in the evening. Although it didn't leak as much, the skin around the stoma became sore. And I didn't have the vaseline cream...sigh.
 The sore stoma site

It was tiring Sunday night for Jonathan and me.  He woke up a few times because his pajama shirt was wet.

Then came Monday morning.

At 8am, I got a call from ICA (Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore) that their staff are leaving for my home now.  They arrived shortly before 9am.  Started processing the application and scanned his thumbprint for both left and right hand.  Then using the ink pad, took his right thumb to "sign" all the forms that were necessary for his "signature".  and I'm very happy that we could use the photo I took (HERE)

Having his thumb scanned into the computer
They were really quick.  We will be able to get his identity card from 20th onwards.  Jonathan even "signed" an authorization form for his daddy to pick up his IC on his behalf.

Including taxi far and the $10 payment to apply for the IC, we paid a total of $53 plus.  Any excess will be refunded to us when we pick up the IC from ICA.

Before the officers arrived, I managed to get hold of the home care nurse from KK Hospital who advised me to call the Surgical Department for an appointment.  Thank God they were willing to give me a slot at 11am.

We packed up and went off, arriving at KK and waited half hour before we could get his button changed.

Jonathan was nervous.  He knew what he was going to go through.  But he knew he had to get it done otherwise his skin will be sore with the leaking button.

I requested for local anesthesia.  Doctor told me that to give him anesthesia was more painful than having the button pulled out.  So I relented.

Because the button was already more than 2 years old, there was likelihood that the mushroom would break and thus unable to be pulled out.  The doctor tried to locate the base, but failed.  The goo from Jonathan's tummy was oozing out and while I kept telling him his a brave boy, coupled with him being nervous, the nurse took over and in one second, "pop"!, the button was out.  After checking the size, they put a new "same-sized" button into his tummy and immediately, calm came over Jonathan.

This is the device used to pull out the BARD button.  Inserted through the button hole (not the stomach),
the doctor presses down against the base of the mushroom (dome) and straightens the button
before pulling out of the tummy.  The same procedure applies to insert the new button.

The nurse showed me the blackened button and explained to me why the doctor had to be present.  Otherwise, it would only be her doing it.  Well...she did do it in the end.  The strong, professional nurse who was an expectant mother.

The new button is now functioning well.  Was advised (like before) to have it changed in 1.5 years.

While we were at KK, I promised Jonathan he could watch Youtube from my iPhone.  But instead of Price is Right or Wheel of Fortune, he asked for worship music, much to my surprise.  The worship music did calm him down and I thank God for protecting him and keeping him brave.

I told Jonathan that he has the boldness of the Lion of Judah.  I am truly truly proud of my son.

Thank you Lord Jesus for watching over him all the time.

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Wishful Thinking said...

Glad everything went well Serene. (grinning to myself about your comment about the nurse hehee)
Cool cartoon of J as well on your header!