Tuesday, February 28, 2012


He "signed" this form when the officers from ICA came to process his application for the identity card. So after 2 weeks, the IC is ready and daddy went to pick it up today.

We wanted to bring him down but he had stomach flu on Sunday.  Threw up pretty badly until there was blood in the vomit. Whatever came out was dark red.  It had happened before. The first time it came out all blood from the previous illness, we brought him to the KK Hospital, only to find out that he retched so hard that might have ruptured one of the capillaries that caused the bleeding. But no tests were done then.

So when I happened again on Sunday night, I didn't feel any fear. Was just praying that all the retching will stop and it only did at 5am. And it has put a strain on his throat and he has lost his voice a little. What I don't like about this type of episodes is that he tends to clench his teeth after each vomit and his lower lips get caught between his teeth and there are cut marks which formed into mouth ulcers :((

Thank God since last night, he's regain his chirpy self and able to smile and laugh a little despite being tired and drained.

I hate episodes like these. But thankfully, he recovers quickly.

Hope everyone who visits here is healthy and strong :))  God bless!

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Get well, Jon!