Friday, February 10, 2012


Of these two photographs, can you tell me which one was taken at the photo studio?
If your answer is the top one with Jonathan in blue shirt, you are wrong.

The one in red shirt was taken at the photo studio just across the street from where we live.

Jonathan is having his IC done on Monday. {Thankfully they will be coming here on Monday.}  So I thought it would be good if he had an updated photo because those that were taken couple of years bag are way too young and his features have changed.

We we were at the studio. We placed a white tshirt over the back rest, just like this picture here.  Obviously Jonathan had to sit on his buggy. 

Just before the photographer started shooting, another customer had come into the studio wanting a set of passport photos as well.  While he was snapping away, I was trying very hard to make Jonathan smile.  After about 5-6 shots, he recommended the one above (in red shirt) to be the best amongst the 6 shorts he took.  We really had no choice but to say "ok" after seeing the photo.  But deep down, I was disappointed.  He seemed to be rushing us off and wasn't patient enough to wait for us to adjust Jonathan properly.

As you can see, because Jonathan had to lean on the buggy backrest, his hair is pretty messy when he moves his head.  Photographer said that because Jonathan was slouching, the photo didn't really turn out good and he has to do some touching up.

It was my mistake for not asking how much the photos would cost before we did it. Finally, when we had to pay, he gave us the cost:
$9 for 4 pieces of passport size photo
Double the charge for editing to touch up.
Total cost for 4 pieces: $18

What's even more disappointing is that he didn't even balance up the shoulder!

He asked me if I wanted a soft copy. I said no, knowing that it would be an extra charge.

I debated for a while when we got back, regretting.  So I decided to take photos of Jonathan myself.  I did want to do it myself earlier but I thought a professional would do a better job with a higher pixelled camera.

So all in all, within 2 days, I took about 30 photos of Jonathan, singing as I did, so that he would smile. And he did in some.

I finally found a few good ones, ending up with the one above.  Not bad for an amateur photographer!  LOL

I used photoshop to edit off the excess hair that was fraying around.  Took it to another photo studio to get it printed.

Cost of 4 pieces of passport size photos?  Just $5 and only 10 minutes wait to get it printed and cut to size.

I should have done it myself in the first place :)

That's what I'll do in future....

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