Monday, February 13, 2012


I had this nagging thought since January to change Jonatgan's feeding Bard button. But got it delayed because of Chinese new year.

It has finally broken....the cap tip...that small tiny stopper on the lid broke.

The last change was 9 December 2009. Considering that it lasted 2 years, it's already a record in itself.

I hope to get it changed today, the little leakage is kind of making the stoma site a little tender. Will request for local anesthetia for his comfort. More importantly, a person who will do a good, quick and safe change.

He's had disturbed sleep, waking up a few times because the gauze is wet.

He's finally gone back to sleep...only to be woken again by that loud bird chirping....sigh.

And he's going to get his IC done today. It's already 7.30am. They will arrive around 9. I hardly had a wink cos I only went to bed at 4am after printing some shirts. I just thank God that I finished this order. At least I can focus my attention on the prince today.

Lord, thank you that it's a good today.

Will update later.

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