Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I've read quite a number of books when I was young...starting with Nancy Drew, Famous Five, Hardy Boys. I've always loved thrillers and mysteries. When i grew older, I was introduced to Danielle Steele, the romantic novelist and later to Sydney Sheldon for more mystery stories.

Then I was introduced to Mary Higgins Clark. The mystery thriller author. Her stories kept me fixed on the story and I can finish a novel quite fast.

But none that made a real impact until I read these 2 books that Harith brought to my attention.

Harith is an avid reader. He found them in the library and borrowed them and asked me if I wanted to read them.


The Penny...written by Joyce Meyer talks about the life of this little girl, Jenny Blake, who after picking up a penny from the ground, things around her started to change.

It's not a magic / fantasy / fairytale story. It's about Jenny meeting people in your life, particularly Miss Shaw {jewellery store owner with a quiet past that nobody knew}. At the same time showing the struggles she had with her father who physically abused her and her sister.

I think it's a story reflecting the truth about Joyce Meyer who was also physically abused by her father. How finally she was able to forgive what her father did, made a bold move with her sister and mother and learning the past about Miss Shaw.


The Shack. What I thought was a true story is actually a fiction, although the writer put himself in as a friend of the main character. The characters, the plot, so real.

Harith came home one day with this new book from the library. He gave it to me and said..."this story looks interesting."

So I took it and started reading...and I have never cried so much in my life just reading a fiction novel and The Shack did just that!

The story...about Mack {Mackenzie} whose daughter {Missy} was kidnapped and murdered while they were out camping. Her body was not found but a bloody red dress worn by Missy was found in the shack.

Then one day, Mack mysteriously received a note in his mailbox from Papa {a name used by his wife referring to Abba Father, God} to meet him at the shack.

So...a journey back to the shack led him to a meeting with Papa, Jesus and Sarayu {Holy Spirit}.

The book continued to show the Trinity showing the real relationship they can have with Mack and everyone else who believe. I cried because of the sheer frustration Mack had, feeling guilty about Missy's death and not able to do anything. The Great Sadness {as he called it} weighed upon him for many years. How he found God again and how he had to forgive the murderer and how his relationship was built up again with Papa.

What struck me was a conversation Mack had with Jesus one night. Jesus said to him, "you call me Lord and King...but you have not allowed me to be that in your life." {not exact words}. That phrase pulled a chord in my heart. It's so true in my life. I have always praised Jesus as Lord and King but every thing I do...most of them are in my own accord.

This book has awoken me...on how slowly...Mack, on building relationship with Papa opened up the final truth.

It so reflect what I went through with Jonathan. How it took me so many years to finally say..."Lord, I forgive the doctor, I want to move on." As I read the book...I longed for that closeness Mack had with Papa, Jesus and Sarayu.

They are here everyday ... every second ... every hour of our lives. All we need is just talk to him like a close friend....reflect on his Word...that's how we know what he wants to tell us.

The Shack is the book that will remain edged in my heart.

Thanks Abba...for leading Harith to this book.

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