Saturday, September 27, 2008


Met Penny for dinner last night. It was good. Enjoyed her company and had lots of laughs.

Penny is an avid turning professional photographer. Has a photography expedition coming up with Nauman {a USA Professional Photographer} and is here for Singapore's F1 Race.

Told her about my digi camera that has wide-angle facility and the wide-face pictures that I take when I go close-up.

She said the trick to remove this is instead of going closeup, we should go in a distance and zoom in. That way, we still get a close-up and the face doesn't look like there's a bubble in front of the face.

So I gave it a try:

Picture {below} of Jonathan was taken close up. About 10 cm away. Notice that his face looks stretched.

This picture {below} was taken when I stood up straight and zoom into Jonathan. looks normal! Thanks Penny for the great tip! More questions coming your way...LOL!

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Chowchow said...

Jon looks so cute here. Great job Penny...