Saturday, September 27, 2008


For a while, when Jonathan was still using the light green color foam mattress, his back had alot of bug bites. It's not just one bit on one spot. But the whole patch.

Initially we thought that it was the mozzies. So we put mozzie patches near him, wiped his foam mat with dettol but still, the bite marks were there. I felt so "sayang".

This happened for a week or 2. He will usually roll over to the floor and lie there but we didn't realised that he was rolling away from the foam mat.

It didn't occur to us it was the foam mat. They are big pieces of foam, joined together like a big jigsaw puzzle. finally, we decided to get his mat changed cos it was already worn out.

Thank God we did. We bought this new mattress {below} from Mini Toon at Tampines Mall. Made in Korea, it feels cooler when you lie on it and Jonathan likes it too. It's lightweight and looks very durable.

And yes.....the bug bites stopped.

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Chowchow said...

Glad that you have gotten Jon a new mattress. No more bed bugs!