Friday, September 19, 2008


I've been missing school. Not on purpose. But that the medication I'm taking is really changing my lifestyle a little. Body aches that last half a day and sometimes giddiness. Then there's this thing about stomach aches.

I've changed the medication already and still trying to get used to the current one. I wake up in the morning and feel really tired and no motivation to go to school.

I should go back next week. The little prince is enjoying too much holiday! :)

I'm planning to change his curriculum in school. Next year probably we'll go to another programme that would be easier on him and...especially me!

I've prayed and seen what Abba Father has shown me. I'm peaceful about it and I'm sure Jonathan will welcome the change {not having to do homework anymore! LOL!}.

I'm sure we will work out something that will benefit him and still let him learn.

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