Sunday, September 21, 2008


My dad went home to the Lord on 21 September 2003. Five years exactly today...also a Sunday. He breathed his last that day at Mt Elizabeth ICU between 9.45pm and 10pm. All his children were with him, surrounding him.

Now, he's in glory enjoying himself!

We went to dad's niche today at All Saint's @ Hougang. Every year, my sister Leanne will buy silk flowers to lay them at the little garden. This year...we put yellow and white daisies and I helped her arrange them into a flat bed of flowers.

Larry said a short prayer to thank the Lord for dad and also for mom. After that, mom spoke to dad. She told him to watch over his children in their work and business; and also the grandchildren as they grow.

We all miss dad alot...I'm sure he knows that too...

This card (below) was done by my nephews and nieces
with short messages to dad from his children.
It's still in good condition even after 5 years.

The marble tablet at the niche. This photo was taken when dad
was pretty young, probably in his early 50s.
Dad's name "Tan Jin Choon" was used when he came to Singapore
from China. His alias is Tan Chiang Ngee.

Dad's niche with the little garden in front.

The flat flower bed we arranged.

My 大哥{eldest brother, in grey behind mum who's seated} saying a short prayer.

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Chowchow said...

Love the flower bed Serene - such a gd idea...