Tuesday, September 02, 2008


What have I been doing? Just doing another layout. Ignoring the house chores! LOL!

Well...H has been a good help recently. Not that I take advantage of the situation. I took 4 days to finish this because I don't sit down and do it all at one go. After doing the tags for Teacher's Day...and...since the materials are still within reach, I took them out and did this layout.

I've been wanting to use the new gel pens that my 二姐 (2nd sister) gave me when she came to Singapore. So when I found this pattern paper given to me by Michelle Ku, I thought it was a great piece to practise my doodling. It looks like a disaster but I'm getting there! ;-)

Materials used:

  1. Urgan Lil Pattern Paper {Happy}
  2. Autumn Leaves Buttons
  3. Red Wool Yarn {around photo}
  4. Green Rik-rak Ribbon {around photo}
  5. Gelwriter Sx Gel Pens for journaling and doodling
  6. Alphabet beads {Jonathan's name}


Chowchow said...

Serene - I dont think that this is a disaster. I love it in fact. you did it pretty well...

Serene Ho said...

Thanks Chowchow. If not for the paper you gave and the gel pens I got from my sister, I wouldn't have done it.