Sunday, December 27, 2009


It's been slightly over a year since we got the new button changed that I mentioned in my earlier post that now we have to get it changed again.  The last change was November 2008.

The tiny catch on the button cap that covers the button hole after it's closed, broke.  Harith blamed himself for being rough when he was feeding Jonathan some water, but it's not his fault.  Firstly, I think the material they use for the button has now become low quality.  Secondly, Jonathan has been pulling at it so I guess, with the poor quality and the tugging, it just snapped.

It's the weekend so we won't bring him down to the KK A&E cos the first change we did, it cost us about S$450 and the reason they gave was because we didn't go to the clinic and A&E charges are different.  Well then we didn't have any choice because it was either do it now or risk having the other half go into Jonathan's tummy and the doctor said may have to do minor surgery to get it out.  That was then ... and I found out from his surgeon much later that there is no harm because it will come out with when Jonathan does his business ><

Thank God the valve is still ok so I'm taping down the cap after every feed with either a strip of surgical tape around the button top or half a piece of tagerderm to secure the cap down tighter.  At least using tagerderm instead of surgical tape prevents the skin around the stoma from getting red.

Hopefully the paediatric surgery clinic will have a slot for me on Monday.

Why am I still awake at 5.15am?  I don't know.  Just somethings keeping my mind active.  Should go back to sleep soon :z


May said...

i remember your earlier button post...that was when I first read about buttons, from your blog! I'm glad jonathan's button lasted more than a year. You managed to get a new BARD? kk said was out of production. Also a mummy with button gal told me to try this HOJO tape to tape down a button to hold it in place - it's less sticky than 3m micropore surgical tape and much gentler on skin.

Serene Ho said...

Thanks May....I've updated my post so you'll know what happened! haha.