Thursday, December 03, 2009


He slept much better but was fidgeting alot, wake and sleep, wake and sleep ... this type of pattern throughout the night.

At 4am {again}, his nose was stuffed up with mucus.  Not the runny nose type but damp.  Had to give him a dose of runny nose medication.  This morning when we woke up to the doctor's we went.

He resented that.  Was angry when I mentioned the visit to the doc's.


Not viral flu.  Allergy.

Just by looking at the wrinkled part below his eyes, checking nose and inner throat.  He struggled with the tongue depressor, something he doesn't want to be reminded of.  Doctor said it's the allergy season.  Saw many children with asthma.  His allergy to the struck and that's why it's full blown.  He said if we move him to Perth or Japan, this whole allergy issue will be a thing of the past :)  If only :)

Well...for now we just have to stick to our not so clean air.

So ...  I refused antibiotics for him.  Prescribed nasal spray and 190 ml of medication that he has to complete to replace the antibiotics.  Should clear within 3days.  If not ... antibiotics.

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